My First Post

This blog is ‘under construction’ as they say.
I am taking a class on blogging using WordPress, so these pages will change and I hope, improve as the weeks go by.
I have viewed all the headers that are available with this theme, but did not care for any of them – so no header.
I also played with different color backgrounds, but I think white looks the best.
Check back often and let me know how I’m doing.

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One Response to My First Post

  1. Mary Beth Roach Foster says:

    I enjoyed your telling about Roach town. I have done research on my Roach for years and in the process read about ‘Roach’. I think the town was back in the 1800. Please let me know the history and dates of your town. Do you have your family names on file.

    My Roach bunch started in ALA and live in LA; but I bet I have some of your Roach kin filed away.

    I knit but have never done socks, I’ll keep my eye on your progress. I do lap robes for nursing homes; they are so simple and that’s what I like.

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