Roach History

Our little town of Roach has a Post Office, a cemetery, and a quick shop – all the necessities of life. We have aproximately 2,500 residents. Following is a little background on how our town was named.

Littleberry Jack Roach and his wife Frances were prominent citizens of the Lynn Creek and Gunter (Ha Ha Tonka) areas in Camden County, Missouri. The Leib family, who had the Gunter Grist Mill, suggested the town be named “Roach” in Littleberry’s honor. Littleberry Jack Roach was elected sheriff in 1868, then County Clerk, and then Probate Judge. In 1883 he was admitted to the bar and became the county’s Prosecuting Attorney. The Roach post office was officially established in 1886, the year Littleberry died.

Roach Post Office

100th Anniversary of the Roach Post Office in 1986

Jack’s son, Sid C. Roach married Edyth King. The current nearby town of Edith was named in her honor. Like his father, Sid Roach became an attorney.
He served as an Assitant District Attorney for the Western District of Indian Territory. He was Camden County’s Prosecuting Attorney and then served two terms in the Missouri House of Representatives and then as Congressman for the old 8th District.

Sid was active in the opposition of building Bagnell Dam.
When the Dam was approved, he then helped those affected by the flooding to receive the best selling price for their homes.

Below is a recent photo of our Post Office. It still looks the same except for the addition of a handicap railing and sadly, no Loafers Bench.”  😦

Roach Post Office

Roach Post Office in 2010